Poster Presentation Guidelines

8th-13th July 2018

Poster Presentation Guidelines


Poster Location

Posters will be displayed in O’ Brien Centre for Science. All delegates will have access to the poster display.

When you collect your badge and bag at the registration desk when you arrive, you will find a poster number list in your bag. This will give you your poster number and direct you where to display your poster.


Poster Displays

An A0 Portrait display board with a display area of 0.84m x 1.19m will be provided for your poster display. Refer to the diagram to the left. Failure to follow this requirement will mean that the poster will not fit on the allotted board. Individual pieces of paper should be pre-mounted onto one large piece of paper or card.The poster boards are made of soft cloth material and Velcro will be used to attach the poster to the board. Velcro will be supplied.

 Poster Installation

You are requested to display your poster for the duration of the meeting.

The boards will be available from Sunday 8th @4pm. Please ensure that your poster in in position by 12:00 on Monday and refer to the signage to obtain your assigned poster number. Each board will be numbered.


Poster Viewing

The scheduled poster sessions are from 17:15-19:15 on Monday 9th (odd numbers) and 17:35-19:15 on Tuesday 10th (even numbers).  We ask that you be at your poster throughout the official viewing period so that you can answer any queries of comments that may arise.


Please ensure that your posters are removed by 14:00 on Friday.



Local printers in Dublin

  • Reads Design & Print
    Phone: +353 1 679 9117   Email:


  • Snap Printing

Phone: 1850 812002 Email:



If you have any questions please contact