Oral Presentation Guidelines

8th-13th July 2018

Oral Presentation Guidelines


The Conference programme is available on the website, to view the programme please click here.  Please check the programme to make sure that you know where and when you are scheduled to present.

If you have any queries/conflicts in relation to the programme please contact: photoiupac2018@conferencepartners.ie.



The Conference will be held in The O’Brien Centre for Science in University College Dublin. Please make sure to check the programme in advance for your room number and location.



Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a USB. Your presentation should be 16:9 ratio format in the standard office set up (MS Office). Pre-loading the presentations will allow good timekeeping at the meeting. You should bring your presentation to the room you are presenting in at least 10 mins before the session commences. Volunteers will be placed in each room to assist you with loading your presentation onto the laptop in the room.

Please use the 16:9 format ONLY.



All rooms will have theatre style seating.

Each room contains the following equipment:

  • Screen
  • Projector
  • Wi-Fi
  • Laptop
  • Slide clicker
  • Podium Microphone
  • Handheld Mic for Q&A’s



Conference abstracts will be made available on the Conference App. They will also be made available as a pdf on the conference website.



Oral presentation slots are broken in to the following timeslots:

Contribution Type Time allocation Talk Duration Questions
Plenary 45 min 40 min 5 min
Invited 30 min 25 min 5 min
Contributed 20 min 15 min 5 min
Short 15 min 12 min 3 min


Please ensure that you are punctual for your presentation time slot. The Conference programme is extensive, making keeping to schedule essential. There will be assistants on site at all times to assist with any technical difficulties or to help as necessary.


Time Keeping Cards

Each session chair has a set of time keeping cards which they will use to communicate with presenters to keep the sessions on time.

  • A GREEN card indicates that you are within the talk time
  • An ORANGE card indicates you have entered Question time
  • A RED card indicates that you have run out of time and must finish up your presentation promptly.