8th-13th July 2018

Programme Overview

The scientific topics to be covered in the Symposium include areas of unparalleled impact in the world today. These include renewable energy sources, green chemistry, atmospheric photochemistry, single molecule microscopy and super resolution imaging. The latter are key for biosciences and trace analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, and small bioregulators. With more efficient light sources and means to collect solar energy, there is an on-going resurgence in the development of photochemical reactions using flow process, which are beginning to make an impact in an industrial context. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage scientists from pharmaceutical, materials, and other industries. The symposium will also cover advanced spectroscopic methods with increased time and space resolution and methods for analyzing complex samples.


16:00 Registration Opens
17:00 Welcome Reception
19:00 Close


09:00 Opening comments

Plenary PL01: Molecular photovoltaics and perovskite solar cells, Michael Grätzel

Sponsored by: Elsevier

Chair: Fred Brouwer

11:10 Coffee Break
13:10 Lunch / Exhibit

Plenary PL02: Controlling photoinduced charge transfer pathways with infared pulses, Julia A. Weinstein

Chair: Elena Ishow

17:15 Poster Seesion and refreshments
19:15 Close

Venue: George Moore Theatre

Session Mon 1A-  Sponsored by: RSC Photochemistry Group   

Chair: Robert Edkins

10:10 1A1: Charge recombination in a high-performance organic photovoltaic material, Trevor A. Smith
10:30 1A2: Light harvesting systems based on triplet-triplet annihilation, Yi Li
10:50 1A3: The potential of organic chromophorse in molecular dye-sensitised schemes towards solar H2 evolution in water, Julien Warnan
11:10 Coffee Break

Session Mon 2A- Sponsored by: RSC Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences

Chair: Robert Edkins

11:40 Invited IL01: Excited-state sensing, release, and oxidation of halide ions, Gerald J. Meyer
12:10 2A1:Photophysical properties of pyridine chromophores predicted by TDDFT calculations, Rodrigo Morales Cueto
12:30 2A2: The design of supramolecular assemblies for photocatalytic hydrogen generation from water, Johannes G. Vos
12:50 2A3: Copper compleses in solar cells, Marina Freitag
13:10 Lunch/ Exhibit

Session Mon 3A

Chair: Jean-Luc Ayitou

14:30 Invited IL04: Photodynamic vinyl azide crystals, Anna D. Gudmundsdotti
15:00 3A1: Photosalient phenomena that mimic impatiens observed in diarylethene hollow crystals, Kingo Uchida
15:20 3A2: Photoinduced crawling motion of azobeznene crystals on various solid surfaces, Yasuo Norikane
15:40 3A3: Mechano-responsive circulaly polarized luminescence of organic solid-state chiral emitters, Clémence Allain
16:00 Coffee Break

Venue: Intel Theatre

Session Mon 1B

Chair: Jye- Shane Yang

10:10 1B1: Complexity and mechanistic diversity of guest-cucurbit[n]uril systems, Cornelia Bohne
10:30 1B2: Stimuli-responsive fluorescent organogelating materials, Shih-Sheng Sun
10:50 1B3: Light-induced release of guests from supramolecular complexes in water, Uwe Pischel
11:10 Coffee Break

Session Mon 2B

Chair: Gareth Redmond

11:40 Invited IL02: Design of functional upconversion nanomaterials, Julia Pérez-Prieto
12:10 2B1: Carbon nano-onions for cellular imaging, Silvia Giordani
12:30 2B2: Correlated dynamics of photogenerated charges and ions in organolead mixed-halide perovskites, Takashi Tachikawa
12:50 2B3: Mechanism of Ligand-Controlled Emission in Silicon Quantum Dots, Linda A. Peteanu
13:10 Lunch/ Exhibit

Session Mon 3B

Chair: John Kelly

14:30 Invited IL05: Modelling and interpreting fluorescence and reflectance in biological systems, María Gabriela Lagorio
15:00 3B1: Lessons from investigations of photosensitizer-modified metalloprotiens, Jeffrey J. Warren
15:20 3B2: Photoreactions of photosensory protein El222 and DNA recognition, Masahide Terazima
15:40 3B3: Ratiometric probes for nitroreductase: fluorescence monitoring of reductive stress in mamallian cells, Robert B. P. Elmes
16:00 Coffee Break

Venue: Icon Theatre

Session Mon 1C

Chair: Axel Griesbeck

10:10 1C1: Visible-light photochemical reactions with immobilized and recylcable photocatalysts, Zacharias Amara
10:30 1C2: Photo-induced reactions followed by NMR, EPR, and optical spectroscopy, Georg Gescheidt
10:50 1C3: Photochemical prganocatalysis for the enantioselective β-acylation of enals, Bartosz Bieszczad
11:10 Coffee Break

Session Mon 2C

Chair: Tony Keene

11:40 Invited IL03: Photoswitchable molecules to remote-control materials and devices, Stefan Hecht
12:10 2C1: Light-responsive metallo-supramolecular polymers as 2D and 3D contractile materials, Matteo Mauro
12:30 2C2: Arylazoindole photoswitches: tunability and mechanistic analysis of the E-to-Z thermal isomerization, Stefano Crespi
12:50 2C3: Photoswitchable targeting of viral RNA by hemi-indigo derivatives, Daria V. Berdnikova
Lunch/ Exhibit

Session Mon 3C

Chair: Wesley Browne

14:30 3C1: Ultrafast mid-infrared spectroscopy reveals an extraordinary binding mode of a CO2-ligand to a transition metal center, Peter Vöhringer
14:50 3C2: Photochemical processes for ni(S2P(i-Bu)2)2 complex in CCl4, Victor F. Plyusnin
15:10 3C3: A diplatinum(II) complex showing crystalline-state thermochromic dual phosphorescence, Masaaki Abe
15:30 3C4: Distance dependence of the electron transfer rate in molecular triads at different driving-forces, Svenja Neumann
15:45 3C5: Ultrafast excited state dynamics of NHC-Fe(II) complexes lacking light-induced spin crossover, Edoardo Domenichini
16:00 Coffee Break

Venue: Lynch Theatre

11:10 Coffee Break

Session Mon 2D

Chair: Marshal Wilson

11:40 1D1:Optimized azobenzene photoswitches for two-photon control of neuronal signalling with NIR light, Jordi Hernando
12:00 2D2: (Bio)polymer loop formation rates studied by photophysical techniques: a method-unifying model, Werner M. Nau
12:20 2D3: Design of novel fluorescent probe with fluorescent nucleobase on artificial acyclic nucleic acid, Keiji Murayama
12:40 2D4: Spectroscopic Characterization of a Novel Photoreponsive Nanomedicine for Potential use in Cervical Cancer, Priya Singh
12:55 2D5: Tuning of flavins to the application as fluorescent probes and/or singlet oxygen sensors, Marek Sikorski
Lunch/ Exhibit

Session Mon 3D

Chair: Elena Ishow

14:30 3D1: Photo- and mechano-responsive fluorescence properties of molecular nanosystems, Rémi Métivier
14:50 3D2: Quantum dots for triplet sesitization: Application to themally activated delayed photoluminescence, Cédric Mongin
15:10 3D3: Contact geometry modulates the interaction and reaction at p-conjugated molecule/metal interface, Masanori Sakamoto
15:30 3D4: Upconverting Nanoparticles: UV/Vis Photoinitiated Generation of Radicals and Acidic Cations upon Laser excitation at 976nm, Dennis Oprych
15:45 3D5: Optically active flexible materials based on molecular assembly template chiral hybrid nanostructures, Shaheen Pathan
16:00 Coffee Break



Plenary PL03: Mechanisms of Photochemical Light Conversion in Metal Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaics, Laura Herz

Chair: Eric Vauthey

10:55 Coffee Break
13:00 Lunch/ Exhibit
16:00 Coffee Break

Plenary PL04: Chirality and light: enantioselective catalysis of photochemical reactions, Thorsten Bach

Sponsored by: RSC: Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences

Chair: Dario Basani

17:35 Poster Seesion and refreshments
19:15 Close

Venue: George Moore Theatre

Session Tues 1A

Chair: Francesca Terenziani

09:55 1A1: Direct observation of carrier dynamics in an organic–inorganic perovskite crystal by femtosecond transient absorption microscopy, Tetsuro Katayama
10:15 1A2: Correlation of ultrafast charge transfer dynamics with the performance of dye-sensitized and perovskite solar cells, Marcin Ziółek
10:35 1A3: Lead halide perovskites: from passivated nanocrystals to naked colloids for conductive film preparation, Raquel E. Galian
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Tues 2A

Chair: Robert Elmes

11:30 IL06: Transition-metal-free releasing compounds activatable by visible to NIR light, Petr Klán
12:00 2A1: Light-regulated no release as a novel strategy to overcome doxorubicin multidrug resistance, Aurore Fraix
12:20 2A2: Synthesis and characterization of organic and hybrid photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy and imaging, Nadia Barbero
12:40 2A3: 6-Nitropiperonyl photocages: mechanistic studies from ns-flash photolysis to the ultrafast regime, John J. Zaitsev-Doyle
13:00 Lunch/ Exhibit
13:30 Spotlight Women in Science Chair Silvia Braslavsky

Session Tues 3A

Chair: Paul Elliot

14:30 3A1: Photon upconversion properties of sensitizer dye fixed on the surface of nano-porous glass, Toshiko Mizokuro
14:50 3A2: Strong coupling between light and matter, Karl Börjesson
15:10 3A3: Spectroscopic diagnosis of excited-state aromaticity: Capturing electronic structures and conformations upon aromaticity reversal, Dongho Kim
16:00 Coffee Break

Venue: Intel Theatre

Session Tues 1B

Chair: Pail Rilema

09:55 1B1: Surprisingly bright luminescence from copper(I)-(2,9-dihalo-1,10-phenanthroline) complexes, Yann Pellegrin
10:15 1B2: Labilising the “photoinert”: extraordinary unprecedented photochemistry of [Os(N^N)3]2+ and [Ru(N^N)3]2+ complexes and fundamental theoretical insights, Paul I. P. Elliott
10:35 1B3: Interplay of 3MLCT AND 3IL States Modulates the polarity- dependent emission of DPPZ-Methylated [Ru(phen)2dppz]2+, Eimer Tuite
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Tues 2B

Chair: Jayaraman Sivaguru

11:30 Invited IL07: Micro- and nano-sized light-responsive supramolecular architectures, Nathan D. McClenaghan
12:00 2B1: Reversible supramolecular on-off switch for singlet oxygen, Denis Fuentealba
12:20 2B2: Effect of spacer size in chiral luminescent di-metallic Eu(III) helicates, Oxana Kotova
12:40 2B3: The time-dependent fluorescence stokes shift of cucurbit[6]uril complexes with a pyridinium styryl dye, Nikolai Petrov
Lunch/ Exhibit

Session Tues 3B

Chair: Norbert Hoffman

14:30 Invited IL09: Decatungstate salts for selective photocatalyzed C(sp3)-H / C(sp2)-H functionalization, Maurizio Fagnoni
15:00 3B1: Towards Greener Photochemistry, Michael W. George
15:20 3B2: Visible light photocatalytic activation of inert bonds and their functionalization via hydrogen-evolution cross-couplings, Chen-Ho Tung
16:20 3B3: Asymmetrical photochemistry with a novel alkyne-allene photoreaction, Bogdan Dereka
Coffee Break

Venue: Icon Theatre

Session Tues 1C

Chair: Manabu Abe

09:55 1C1: Interfacial strategies to study reactive oxygen intermediates, Alexander Greer
10:15 1C2: One-step synthesis of trifluoromethylated acetophenones, azoxyarenes and isoxazoles: a novel photochemical approach, Thomas Mathew
10:35 1C3: Photocatalyzed C-C coupling reactions by Vis-to-UV upconversion technology, Raúl Pérez-Ruiz
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Tues 2C

Chair: Jacek Waluk- Photophys

11:30 Invited IL08: Excited states and dynamics in transition metal complexes, Leticia González
12:00 2C1: Describing photoinduced charge transfer processes in DNA by quantum mechanical calculations: new insights and challenges, Roberto Improta
12:20 2C2: Making Iron shine. Understanding the photophysics of iron (II) complexes the crucial role of isomerism, Antonio Monari
12:40 2C3: Photochemistry of oxazolines – prebiotically plausible precursors of RNA Robert W. Góra
Lunch/ Exhibit

Session Tues 3C

Chair: Silvia Giordani

14:30 3C1: Synthetic and photochemical strategies for theranostic photosensitizers, Mathias O. Senge
14:50 3C2: Tailored photofunctional coordination compounds as light-driven sensitizers and multimodal imaging agents, Cristian A. Strassert
15:10 3C3: Nanoscale imaging of amyloid photodynamic damage, Cristina Flors
15:30 3C4: A simple and selective way to produce singlet oxygen, Mikkel Bregnhøj
15:45 3C5: Drug Photorelease from binding of its phototrigger derivative to albumin Upconversion nanoparticles, Cristina Anaya
Coffee Break

Venue: Lynch Theatre

Session Tues 1D

Chair: Cornelia Bohne

09:55 1D1: Lateral and vertical inhomogeneity of lipid bilayers examined with picosecond measurement of novel fluorescence probes, Koichi Iwata
10:15 1D2: Structural analysis of nucleic acids by controlling fluorescence blinking, Kiyohiko Kawai
10:35 1D3: Observation of orientation dependence of FRET by using DNA scaffold, Hiromu Kashida
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Tues 2D

Chair: Kentaro Teramura

11:30 2D1: Transient insights into Ru(II) mediated photocatalysis, Evan G. Moore
11:50 2D2: New photosensitzers based on heteroleptic copper(I) complexes, Claudia Bizzarri
12:10 2D3: Excitation of metastable intermediates in organic photoredox catalysis: z-scheme approach in synthetic chemistry, Alan Aguirre-Soto
12:30 2D4:Halogen photoelimination of thioether gold(III) complexes: mechanistic insight and homogenous catalysis, Zhen Cao
12:45 2D5: Light tuning of the catalytic activity of decorated TiO2: versatility throughout the UV-Vis spectrum, Anabel E. Lanterna
Lunch/ Exhibit

Session Tues 3D

Chair: Jonathan Rochford

14:30 3D1: Highly concentrated co evolution for photocatalytic conversion of CO2 by H2O as an electron donor, Kentaro Teramura
14:50 3D2: Organic-inorganic hybrid materials based on conjugated porous polymers and their use in artificial photosynthesis, Marta Liras
15:10 3D3: Water oxidation on hematite photoanode: O−O bond formation and electron-proton transfer pathway, Chen Wenjing Song
15:30 3D4: Recyclable, bifunctional composites of perovskite type n-CaTiO3 and reduced graphene oxide as an efficient adsorptive photocatalyst for environmental remediation, Venkata Krishnan
15:45 3D5: Photoreduction of flavin for the biocatalytic production of halogenated compounds by the halogenase PYRH, Lea Schroeder
Coffee Break



Plenary PL05:Controlling macromolecular reactivity with different colours of light, Christopher Barner-Kowollik

Sponsored by: Journal of the American Chemical Society 

Chair: Johan Hofkens

11:00 Coffee Break
13:30 Lunch/ Excursions

Venue: George Moore Theatre

Session Wed 1A

Chair: John Kelly

09:55 Invited IL10: Electron transfer and proton transfer dynamics of DNA G-Quadruplex, Hongmei Su
10:25 1A1: One-photon ionization and radicals of DNA studied by transient absorption spectroscopy, Akos Banyasz
10:45 1A2: Towards theranostic applications of trifluoromethyl-substituted iridium(III) complexes, Robin Bevernaegie
11:00 Coffee Break

Session Wed 2A

Chair: Julia Weinstein

11:20 Invited IL11: Molecular reaction dynamics in excited state by nuclear wave packet spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulation, Taiha Joo
11:50 2A1: Photoinduced symmetry-breaking electron transfer: effects of distance, mutual orientation and environment, Eric Vauthey
12:10 2A2: Ultrafast photodissociation revealed by triple phosphorescence: three different intersystem crossing paths in spirocyclic donor-acceptor molecules, Jerzy Karpiuk
12:40 2A3:Ultrafast time resolved electronic and Raman spectroscopy of photodynamics in thermally activated delayed fluorescence, Stephen R. Meech
13:00 2A4: The role of torsional disorders in exciton self-trapping and delocalization dynamics of [n]cycloparaphenylenes, Jun Oh Kim
13:30 Lunch/ Excursions

Venue: Intel Theatre

Session Wed 1B

Chair: Linda Peteanu

09:55 1B1: Solvatofluorochromism associated with the intramolecular charge transfer in the amine–ketone dyad with a nonconjugated linker, Hiroshi Ikeda
10:15 1B2: Calixarene-based fluorescent sensors for the detection of cations and neutral molecules, Isabelle Leray
10:35 1B3: Fluorogenic NIR-probes based on 1,2,4,5-tetrazine substituted BF2-azadipyrromethenes, Dan Wu
10:55 1B4: Supramolecular scaffolds for lnIII luminescence and development of functional materials as logical photoactive diagnostic devices, Samuel J. Bradberry
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Wed 2B

Chair: Alecander Greer

11:30 Invited IL12: Stimuli-responsive fluorescent molecular solids: from mechanofluorochromism to photomechanofluorochromism, Jye-Shane Yang
12:00 2B1:Synthesis and photophysical studies of new biluminescent materials, Marine Louis
12:20 2B2: Tunable reverse photochromism in the solid state, Claudio Roscini
12:40 2B3: Tuning of colour and polarization of the fluorescence of nano-ribbons using laser microscopy and self-assembly, Leire Gartzia-Rivero
13:00 2B4: Fluorescent sensing of molecular motion in the solid state, Morgan E. Howe
13:30 Lunch/ Excursions

Venue: Icon Theatre

Session Wed 1C

Chair: Michael George

09:55 1C1: Manipulating Light Induced Transformations Using Molecular Restrictions, Jayaraman Sivaguru
10:15 1C2: Environmentally benign photochemical addition of cyclic ethers and acetals to olefins using di-tert-butyl peroxide, Akihiko Ouchi
10:35 1C3: Photochemical oxygenation of methane into methanol and formic acid with chlorine dioxide, Kei Ohkubo
10:55 2C4: Solvent effects on the photochemistry of bisacylphosphane oxide photoinitiators, Anna Eibel
11:10 Coffee Break

Session Wed 2C

Chair: Tia Keyes

11:30 2C1: Luminescent silicon nanocrystals as bioimaging probes, Paola Ceroni
11:50 2C2: Conjugated polymer nanoparticles for near- and shortwave infrared imaging in scattering media, Hubert Piwonski
12:10 2C3: Magneto-fluorescent organic nanoassemblies for theranostics upon hyperthermia, Eléna Ishow
12:30 2C4: Theranostic nanoparticles release from biodegradable electrospun carriers, Nelsi Zaccheronia
12:50 2C5: Questioning singlet oxygen’s authority: will nano get the job done? Vladimir Kabanov
13:05 2C6: Photocontrol of antibiotic activity by light, Elena Contreras-García
13:30 Lunch/ Excursions

Venue: Lynch Theatre

Session Wed 1D

Chair: Stephen Meech

09:55 1D1: Probing the intimacy of carboxylate recognition by (fluorescent) ureas with femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy, Guillermo Orellana
10:15 1D2: Anabaena sensory rhodopsin: effect of point mutations on excited state lifetime and photo-isomerization rate, Stefan Haacke
10:35 1D3: Discovery and mechanistic study of an algal photoenzyme converting fatty acids into hydrocarbons, Pavel Müller
10:50 1D4: Investigating the role of the organic cation in formamidinium lead iodide perovskites using 2DIR spectroscopy, Victoria C. A. Taylor
11:05 Coffee Break

Session Wed 2D

Chair: Ludovic Troian- Gautier

11:30 2D1: Self-assembled monolayers C60-bodipy dyad functionalized by a peptide : a photophysical study, Rachel Méallet-Renault
11:50 2D2: Sensitized triplet-triplet annihilation in water and its application to photochemical transformations, Christoph Kerzig
12:10 2D3: Synthesis, baird aromaticity and excited stated behavior of pyrene-like thio- and oxo-naphthoquinodimethane, A. Jean-Luc Ayitou
12:30 2D4: Tetrathia[7]helicenes, polyconjugated high triplet energy systems: synthesis, photophysics and electrochemical characterizations, Alberto Bossi
12:50 2D5: Investigating EUV-light chemistry of methacrylate metal oxo clusters for nanolithography, Lianjia Wu
13:05 2D6: Towards Intra- Molecular Triplet-Triplet Annihilation in supramolecular structures, Victor Gray (EPA Award Lecture)
13:30 Lunch/ Excursions



Plenary PL06: Chemicontrolled activation of bodipy based fluorescent probes. Toward spatial location of single chemical events within cells, Gonzalo Cosa

Chair: Silvia Braslavski

10:55 Coffee Break
10:55 Lunch

Plenary PL07: Many-body methods for bound and metastable excited states: theory and examples, Anna I. Krylov

Chair: Testsuro Majima

16:55 Prizes
17:30 Close
17:30 EPA General Assembly followed by reception
20:00 Banquet

Venue: George Moore Theatre

Session Thurs 1A

Chair: Stefan Hacke

09:55 1A1: Exciton-controlled fluorescent nucleic acids for bioimaging, Akimitsu Okamoto
10:15 1A2: Real-time near infrared fluorescence imaging: research tools with the potential for clinical use, Donal O’Shea
10:35 1A3: Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscope studies on ev-mediated cellular uptake of anti-cancer drug paclitaxel, Elina Vuorimaa-Laukkanen
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Thurs 2A

Chair: Rachel Meallet-Renault

11:30 2A1: Photochromic behaviour of benzopyrans bearing a n-phenyl-carbazole unit, Fausto Ortica
11:50 2A2: Photochromic and fluorescent properties of spiro-functionalized diarylethenes, Tetsuya Nakagawa
12:10 2A3: Flapping molecules and photoactive materials, Shohei Saito

2A4: X-ray induced amplified cycloreversion of photochromic Terarylene, Ryosuke Asato

Session Thurs 3A

Chair: Han Vos

14:30 Invited IL14: Transient spectroscopic studies of the photophysical properties of DNA-intercalated molecules, John M. Kelly
15:00 3A1: Phenanthrene vs pryene dipyridinium dihydrodioxins (PDHDs): comparison of the DNA binding and cleaving properties, R. Marshall Wilson
15:20 3A2: Enhanced drug photosafety by chromophore-chromophore interaction, Virginie Lhiaubet-Vallet
15:40 3A3: Vitamin B2 analogues as the singlet oxygen sensitizer, Malgarzata Insińska-Rak

Venue: Intel Theatre

Session Thurs 1B

Chair: Anna Gudmundsdottir

09:55 1B1: Unusually long-wavelength emissions of cyclopropanes: new insight into C–C bond homolysis, Manabu Abe
10:15 1B2: Doublet-based luminescence of photostable organic radicals, Tetsuro Kusamoto
10:35 1B3: Design and synthesis of near IR two-photon responsive molecules bearing d-π-d topology: application to caged compounds, Youhei Chitose
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Thurs 2B

Chair: Donal O’ Shea

11:30 Invited IL13: Peptide targeted metal luminophores for sensing and phototherapy in the cellular environment, Tia Keyes
12:00 2B1: Highly fluorescent water soluble spirobifluorene-based dye as sensitive probe for protein and live cell imaging, Fabio Rizzo
12:20 2B2: Playing around with fluorescent quinolizinium derivatives: light-up probes for DNA detection and fluorimetric cell analysis, Heiko Ihmels
12:40 2B3: Supramolecular polymer based nanoprobes for ratiometric hypoxia sensing and imaging, Yu-Zhe Chen

Session Thurs 3B

Chair: Uwe Pischel

14:30 3B1: Photoinduced dynamics in excitonically coupled squaraine and bodipy dye conjugates, Christoph Lambert
14:50 3B2: Reversible chromophore reaction of bodipy and used as fluorescent probe, Guoqiang Yang
15:10 3B3: Circular electron-transfer: a proof-of-concept for a photoinitiated molecular circuit, Christopher B. Larsen
15:30 3B4: Dual-performance of bodipy in triplet-triplet annihilation photon up-conversion, Natalia Kiseleva
15:45 3B5: Ultrafast energy transfer and charge separation reaction in hybrid photosynthetic antenna systems observed by femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy, Yusuke Yoneda

Venue: Icon Theatre

Session Thurs 1C

Chair: Trevor Smith

09:55 1C1: Unravelling aqueous electrolyte formulations through chemometric approaches, Claudia Barolo
10:15 1C2: La(OH)3 loaded ZnIn2S4 visible light responsive photocatalysts for H2 production from water without sacrificial agent, Thillai Sivakumar Natarajan
10:35 1C3: Time-resolved studies of multiple charge accumulation on molecular systems by nanosecond pump-probe experiment, Minh-Huong Ha-Thi
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Thurs 2C- Sponsored by: Henkel Ireland

Chair: David Birkett

11:30 2C1: Fluorescence enhancement behavior of hemicyanine derivatives on the inorganic nanosheet: aggregation induced emission (AIE) vs. Surface – fixation induced emission (S – FIE), Shinsuke Takagi
11:50 2C2: Photophysics and photochemistry of dye-clay complexes: towards nano-hybrid photoinitating systems for free radical polymerization, Christian Ley
12:10 2C3: Heteroleptic copper(I) complexes: ligand design, photophysical properties and applications as emitter materials in devices, Sarah Keller
12:30 2C4: Colour tuning luminescent carbon nanofibers, Clara Deeney
12:45 2C5: Degradation of micropollutant in a novel microstructured photocatalytic membrane reactor, Xiang Zhan

Session Thurs 3C

Chair: Alexandre Furstenberg

14:30 3C1: Ultrafast photochemistry in organic semiconductor films and nanoparticles, Kenneth P. Ghiggino
14:50 3C2: Photochemistry in the near-infrared – from molecules to polymer synthesis and industry 4.0 related applications, Bernd Strehmel
15:10 3C3: Uncovering charge carrier dynamics of hematite hidden in nanosecond range by transient grating technique with randomly-interleaved-pulse-train method,  Woon Yong Sohn
15:30 3C4: Spin exchange model for singlet fission and triplet enrgy transfer, Tomoaki Yago

Venue: Lynch Theatre

Session Thurs 1D

Chair: Kenneth Ghiggino

09:55 1D1: Cyanine-doped magnesium aluminophosphates towards one-directional antenna systems, Rebeca Sola-Llano
10:15 1D2: Photo-patterning of aligned self-assembled nano-fibers emitting polarized light with control of orientation, André Del Guerzo
10:35 1D3: Switching of radiation forces acting on small particles by using photochemical reactions, Syoji Ito
10:55 Coffee Break

Session Thurs 2D

Chair:Roberto Improta

11:30 2D1: Origins of the photostabilities and mechanisms of aryldiazirine photoaffinity labels, Steven A. Lopez
11:50 2D2: Non-statistical dynamics, aromaticity, and substituent effects on the mechanism of the triplet DI-π-methane rearrangement, Ricardo A. Matute
12:10 2D3: Ultrafast formation of quinone methides: spectroscopic and computational study, Nikola Basarić
12:30 2D4: Can calculation satisfactrily simulate experimental spectrum of two-photon absorption? Kenji Kamada

Session Thurs 3D

Chair: Steven Lopez

14:30 3D1: Addressing the manifold of ct and le states in a biphenyl push-pull chromophore, Francesca Terenziani
14:50 3D2: Direct and indirect evidence for hydrogen tunneling in porphyrin isomers, Jacek Waluk
15:10 3D3: Violation of the principle of independence of elementary chemical reactions in ultrafast electron transfer, Anatoly I. Ivanov
15:30 3D4: Predicting excited state dynamics from scratch – a path integral approach implemented in orca, Bernardo de Souza


10:30 Coffee Break

Plenary PL08: Efficient Photocatalysts for H2 and O2 Evolution from Water   under Solar Light Irradiation, Tetsuro Majima

Sponsored by: Edinburgh Instruments

Chair: Miguel Garcia-Garibay

13:15 Closing comments

Venue: George Moore Theatre

Session Fri 1A

Chair: Paola Ceroni

09:00 Invited IL15: Emissive silver cluster formation in confined space, Johan Hofkens
09:30 1A1: Octahedral molybdenum cluster complexes: photophysical properties and new applications, Kamil Lang
09:50 1A2: Gold nanoparticles aggregation effect on the photoacoustic spectra: theoretical and experimental results, Maxi A. Burgos Paci
10:10 1A3: The emission properties and the aggregation induced emission of the silver nanoclusters labelled on polymer, Chih-Wei Chang
10:30 Coffee Break

Session Fri 2A

Chair: Werner Nau

11:00 IL17: Photo and electro-chemical swtiching at interfaces; from self-assembled monolayers to redox polymers, Wesley R. Browne
11:30 2A1: Switching the proton conduction in nanoporous materials by light, Lars Heinke
11:50 2A2: Reversible control of aggregation-induced emission in phase change materials: colour tuning of organic emitters, Giuseppina Massaro
12:10 2A3: Controlling azobenzene photoswitching through combined ortho-fluorination and -amination, Zafar Ahmed

Venue: Intel Theatre

Session Fri 1B

Chair: Guillermo Orellana

09:00 1B1: Counting water molecules with organic fluorophores, Alexandre Fürstenberg
09:20 1B2: New fluorescent probe based on BODIPY for detecting H2O2 vapor, Jian-Bo Chen
09:40 1B3: From picoseconds to seconds: time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy systems for all time scales, Eugeny Ermilov
10:00 1B4: Towards accurate fluorescent force sensors relying on mechanofluorochromic polydiacetylene-based materials, Luca Polacchi
10:15 1B5: Selective ratiometric fluorescence sensor for determination of iron(II), Prabhavie Madushanie Opallage
10:30 Coffee Break

Session Fri 2B

Chair: Claudia Barolo

11:00 2B1: Photocatalytic CO2 reduction with Mn(a-diimine)(CO)3L catalysts, Jonathan Rochford
11:20 2B2: ∆S‡ Influence on interfacial electron transfer dynamics from anatase tio2 to molecular acceptors, Ludovic Troian-Gautier
11:40 2B3: Light-harvesting antennae using the host-guest chemistry of mesoporous organosilica, Fabio Cucinotta
12:00 2B4: Boron/nitrogen co-doped carbon nano-onions as efficient and durable electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction, Adalberto Camisasca

Venue: Icon Theatre

Session Fri 1C

Chair: Nancy Pizarro

09:00 1C1: Excited state aromaticity gain and antiaromaticity relief as drivers for photoreactivity, Henrik Ottosson
09:20 1C2: Versatile structurally simple photolabile protecting groups derived from facilitated benzylic C-O bond photocleavage reaction, Pengfei Wang
09:40 1C3: Simultaneous production of initiating radicals and protons by an innovative dual bicyclic photoinitiating system, Xavier Allonas
10:00 1C4: Photochemically induced intramolecular radical cyclisation with imines, Corentin Lefebvre
10:15 1C5: Photocatalysis with NIR sensitizers and Cu(II) at ppm scale: photo-ATRP and Azide-Alkyne cycloaddition click reactions, Ceren Kütahya
10:30 Coffee Break

Session Fri 2C

Chair:Eimer Tuite

11:00 2C1:Mechanistic study of micropollutants photooxidation by natural photosensitizers, Ivan P. Pozdnyakov
11:20 2C2: Pressurizing salt bridges in the 2nd coordination sphere-luminescence in single crystals, Andrea Pannwitz
11:40 2C3: Strong light-harvesting ruthenium(II) and iridium(III) triplet photosenitisers, Xiaoneng Cui
12:00 2C4: How to drive and observe photochemical reaction simultaneously, Eduard Stadler
12:15 2D5: Converging energy transfer in polynuclear Ru(II) multiterpyridine complexes: significant enhancement of luminescent properties, Simon Cerfontaine

Programme at a Glance


16:00 Registration Opens
17:00 Welcome Reception
19:00 Close


08:00 Registration Opens
09:00 Opening Comments
09:15 Plenary Session 1
10:00 Movement between Rooms
10:10 Parallel Session 1
11:10 Refreshments/ Posters and Exhibition
11:40 Parallel Session 2
13:10 Lunch/ Posters & Exhibition
14:30 Parallel Session 3
16:00 Refreshments/ Posters and Exhibition
16:30 Plenary Session 2
17:15 Refreshments & Poster Session
19:15 Close
19:30 Optional Dinners


09:00 Plenary Session 3
09:45 Movement between Rooms
09:55 Parallel Session 4
11:00 Refreshments/ Posters and Exhibition
11:25 Parallel Session 5
13:00 Lunch/ Posters & Exhibition
14:30 Parallel Session 6
16:00 Refreshments/ Posters and Exhibition
16:30 Plenary Session 4
17:35 Refreshments & Poster Session
19:15 Close
20:00 Optional BBQ Evening


09:00 Plenary Session 5
09:45 Movement between Rooms
09:55 Parallel Session 7
11:00 Refreshments/ Posters and Exhibition
11:25 Parallel Session 8
13:30 Lunch and Excursions


09:00 Plenary Session 6
09:45 Movement between Rooms
09:55 Parallel Session 9
10:55 Refreshments/ Posters and Exhibition
11:25 Parallel Session 10
13:00 Lunch/ Posters & Exhibition
14:30 Parallel Session 11
16:10 Plenary Session 7
16:55 Prizes
17:30 Session Close
17:30 EPA General Assempbly followed by reception
20:00 Banquet


09:00 Parallel Session 12
10:30 Refreshments/ Posters and Exhibition
11:10 Parallel Session 13
12:20 Movement between Rooms
12:30 Plenary Session 8
13:15 Closing Comments/ Meeting Ends

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